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Reqman is a postman killer. It shares the same goal, but without GUI ... the GUI is simply your favorite text editor, because requests/tests are only simple yaml files. Reqman is a command line tool, available on any platforms.

All configurations is done via simple yaml files, editable with any text editors. Results are displayed in console and in an html output. It's scriptable, and can be used as a daemon/cron task to automate your tests.

Reqman shines with:

  • Tests http apis / website
  • Non regression tests
  • Automatic tests
  • Batch http process
  • TDD of apis

Reqman's history : postman is cool, but is not adapted to non-tech people, to implement "tests" (need JS knowledge), when things going harder. Btw, it (the free version) is a mess when you want to share your tests in a source control system. And the lack of a headless mode (#), for scripting is problematic. So there were room for reqman. With reqman you can put your complex things in reqman.conf, and let your tests be simple, and easily maintenable by non-tech people. (#: nowadays, it exists, but it's complex to setup)

Reqman's name is a joke, a contraction of "request" and "man" ... and it can do a lot more than just POST requests ;-)


The reqman2, is a full rewrite of reqman1, with new features as Dual Mode and RMR file.